Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Popular Fall Wedding Gelato Flavor

I must admit that I constantly eat gelato. I love our gelato and I enjoy other artisan gelato shop flavors as well. Whenever I travel, I must enjoy gelato made by other passionate chefs.

However, I must admit that every now and then there is a popular flavor that I slowly grow to love then become obsessed. At present, a very popular flavor brides are selecting is Sea Salt Caramel gelato. My clients love this flavor. There is something about the salty, creamy gelato mixed with handmade burnt caramel that makes it a huge success.

I am slowly starting to like the flavor that everyone is obsessed with. Maybe as I make it over and over in October, I will become obsessed as well.

 Sea Salt Caramel

Large event with 10 flavor (see Sea Salt Gelato)

Delicious Cheesecake Gelato

Tiramisu Gelato
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