Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eventology 2010 Custom Truffles

Dreamy Gelato & Chocolates and Simply You Creations partnered on this truly custom project to create unparalleled gifts for the 2010 Eventology conference.
To create one custom truffle for an event is an aggressive task, but setting a goal to create seven custom truffles with seven custom packaging was pure madness:) The custom truffles and packaging needed to be unique, personal and complimentary; therefore, we decided to create one custom flavor and select one standard box color.

Standard Flavor: White Chocolate Roasted Caramel Pecan Truffle
Our pecans are roasted at our store and the caramel is handmade from scratch. This is a true Southern/Georgia truffle.

Standard Box Color: Pink
This color was selected based on the Eventology 2010 logo. Simply You Creations started with this box and hand customized each of the boxes for the event. Custom ribbons were also created.

Since there is so much to communicate, so we will use the next three blog post to share this interesting project. Starting today with the Eventology 2010, Lara Casey & K Sherrie and Company.

What I loved about this custom truffle and custom box was it demanded your attention. The use of color in the Eventology 2010 was perfect for white chocolate.
Click here to learn more about Eventology 2010.

For Lara Casey's custom truffle and packaging, we wanted to incorporate Lara's intense workshop, Making Things Happen, while still focusing on the successful business woman herself. Therefore, we decided to have the packaging highlight the workshop and the truffle highlight the leader.

Click here to learn more about Lara Casey.

Katasha Butler is the passion and drive behind the extremely successful Eventology brand. Katasha continues to raise the bar and wedding industry experts across the country attend Eventology every year. We wanted to focus on the other side of Katasha's business so we designed a custom truffle for K Sherrie and Company. If you look at the pictures above in detail, you will see the design in the upper right corner of the truffle replicated on the boxes. I just love the customization and attention to detail.

Click here to learn more about K Sherrie and Company.

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