Monday, October 11, 2010

Serenbe Event

At Dreamy Gelato & Chocolates we strive to raise the bar because not all gelato is created equal.

Great gelato is made from scratch, fresh with exceptional ingredients. I like fresh fruits that we source from local grocery stores or farmers' markets, but I love fruits directly from the farm.
I recently had the opportunity to work with the talented people at Gloriosa for an event at Serenbe. The chef at Gloriosa provided fresh fruits (figs, pears and apples) from the farm for us to use to create custom gelato flavors for this event.

Fig & Sherry Wine Gelato

Apple Cinnamon Gelato

Pear Sorbet

It was an amazing experience to offer a dessert that is truly from farm to table. If you are interested in our farm to table gelato offerings for your event at Serenbe, please contact Gloriosa.

Photos were courtesy of Alecia Lauren Photography

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