Thursday, January 20, 2011

Indian Wedding & Reception

The end of last year, we had the opportunity to cater gelato for the very first time at an Indian reception. We were a little nervous, but very excited. I must admit that the event exceeded my expectations. It was so much fun!

We served several traditional flavors like pistachio gelato and mango sorbet. In addition, we served some unique flavors like sweet cheese gelato and burnt caramel pecan gelato. The guests were full of energy and passion. We served over 300 guests in 30 minutes. I have never moved so fast!

I wish I took some pictures, but once we finish setting up, we were serving gelato. I spoke with the photographer who confirmed that she too was unable to take pictures of the gelato. I promise to take pictures next time and share them on our blog.

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  1. I have attended one Indian wedding and reception and that was really awesome. It was fully organised and planned by professional wedding planner but they have made it like dream come true wedding. All the things and arrangements were really fabulous and out standing.
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