Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Event Planner Networking Event - Chocolate Pink

Last night, I had the opportunity to visit Chocolate Pink for the first time. It was a lovely cafe. I did not get to take many pictures because I spent most of my time networking with the diverse set of event planners, enjoying the delicious desserts and food, watching everyone take crazy pictures in the photo booth and chatting with the owner of the mobile spa.

The space is perfect for small gatherings.

I like the modern, elegant design of the shop.

Booth courtesy of WOW Photo Booth

Flower arrangements were provided by Anik Designs

Chocolate Pink is an unique shop with so much to offer. Some might say that we are competitors since we both offer chocolates. I love my business and I am confident I have a luxury product offering so I think it is fine to compliment a friendly competitor that is doing a great job.

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