Saturday, January 10, 2009

Custom Chocolates: Allen Wedding

The Allen wedding was all about detail and elegance. Every item was personally designed by the bride. I normally work with wedding planners, but on occasion, I have the opportunity to work directly with the bride and groom. The Allens were looking to create a custom chocolate and I worked with them to create a new line of wedding chocolates. I am confident more brides will be requesting this custom chocolate.

The bride wanted her monogram in red wine so we selected a white chocolate background.

Since some of chocolates were solid white and others were white with milk chocolate centers, we selected a sweet, yet mild white chocolate with a hint of vanilla.

The detail in this design was amazing. My amateur picture could not completely capture the beauty of this chocolate.
Fortunately, Dean Ruiz of Dean Ruiz Photography has promised to send me pictures of my chocolates and the wedding. He also emailed me the following:
".......your chocolates were a huge success! Many of your chocolates didn't even make it out of the door, simply because it tasted as delicious as it looked......... Dreamy Gelato & Chocolates did a phenomenal job! We overheard so many positive comments about how classy the chocolates looked, and how it was such a wonderful idea."

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