Monday, February 9, 2009

Popcorn, Popcorn Everywhere

A couple of days a ago or should I say a little over a week ago, I was blogging about the chocolate covered pretzels we were making for a large corporate order. I wanted to continue with the other chocolate treats.............. chocolate covered popcorn and custom "thank you" truffles. This order was for 60 boxes filled with these three treats. Another set of 60 boxes were filled with custom cup cakes.

The chocolate covered popcorn presented its own set of challenges. All of our products are created fresh before delivery and the deliveries were scheduled for different days over two weeks so I was popping popcorn, tempering chocolates (two different types), pouring chocolate, popping more popcorn, drizzling chocolates............. there was popcorn everywhere.

The truffles were perfect and simple. My client's colors are red and gold so I made white chocolate tuxedo truffles finished with "thank you" in gold. I initially made milk chocolate tuxedos, but settled on the white chocolate in order to bring attention to the truffles in the boxes surrounded by popcorn and pretzels.

Overall, the gift boxes were a huge success. My client hand delivered about a dozen boxes last Monday and she received call back from over half of her client's that day. She has been getting calls ever since.

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