Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brainstorming + Dreamy Gelato & Chocolates + Baby Shower

I always like to start each project with a blank paper. Clients like to know what is the "best seller" or what did I do on a previous project, but I try to refocus their attention on what they like. For example, in our store, Cookie Dough gelato is our "best seller", but honestly, I don't like cookie dough. When I tell customers that Cookie Dough is our best seller, almost 50% order Cookie Dough. If I give them "it really depends", I would say only 10% order Cookie Dough.
We are working on a baby shower project. After several days of communicating, the client has selected gelato cupcakes for the event. It is a summer baby shower so gelato cupcakes would be perfect. I am not sure if the event will be more formal or relaxed, but I like to have options to present to my clients. Based on our communication, I believe the event is informal. So this is what I thinking......

I love these buttons. They will look amazing on the gelato cupcakes.
Photo courtesy of Layer Cake Shop

For gelato flavor, I am recommending a combination of flavors. I feel three different flavors would be ideal. For a summer event, I would recommend the following gelato cupcake flavors:

A raspberry sorbet on french vanilla cake

Tahitian vanilla bean gelato on white cake covered in our handcrafted dulce de leche sauce

Key lime cheesecake gelato on our butter cream cake

I will post pictures of the final product. I love brainstorming!

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