Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Finds: Lara Casey Reps

On Fridays, I like to find things, people or places that are fun, different and informative. Things that have nothing to do with chocolates, gelato, cakes, etc. This week, my Friday Find is Lara Casey Reps. I have known Lara for a couple of months. She is passionate, hardworking and inspirational.

Photo available on Lara Casey blog.

This week, Lara informed the world of her new venture. Read an excerpt from her blog post: "I'm thrilled to launch my new site and business blog today! The wedding market is a big mystery and navigating through branding, marketing, submissions, business strategy and perfecting the client experience can be a huge frustration for so many. My goal with Lara Casey Reps is to take businesses to their fullest potential so artists can focus on their art and wedding pros can focus on the client experience. I'm taking the guesswork out of business and helping wedding professionals get clear, focused, and put their energy where it matters most. " - Lara Casey

I am not a client of Lara Casey Reps. However, I am very proud of her success and hard work. Please join me in congratulating Lara and praying for her continued success.

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