Monday, July 6, 2009

Custom Chocolates: Twins Baby Shower

I return from my 4th of July holiday with the excitement of creating hundreds of custom chocolates for my client's baby shower. She loves Dreamy Gelato & Chocolates' creations and wants me to create something special for her event.

After several consultations, she selected 5 custom truffle flavors based on her desires. I will be featuring each truffle and it's inspiration this week.
My client is having twin boys and is so very excited.
Invitation by Tiny Prints.

Customizing the truffle/ganache flavor was the first step, the next step is selecting chocolate type then truffle design/color. Sometimes, my clients have a color in mind and we work backwards. Our goal is to be as flexible as possible to meet our clients needs.

So when thinking color, I wanted it to be related to little boys. Most little boys love....

footballs and.....


So one color will be the brown. Milk chocolate is naturally brown and will complement some of the truffle/ganache flavors perfectly. With the combination of my client's love for almonds and the selection of milk chocolate, the first custom truffle is Milk Chocolate Roasted Almond Crunch Truffle.

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